Thursday, May 7, 2015

June and July Programs


Comics and Animation 6/4/2015
Interested in comics and cartoons? Stop by to listen to guest speaker, Dylan Sands, as he discusses his experience with comics and animation! Click Here To Register!

Adventures in LARPing 6/11/15

Have you ever wanted to take part in a medieval sword fight? Then LARP, or Live Action Role Play, is for you! Amtgard: The Kingdom of Tal Dagore group will be stopping by to talk about what they do, demonstrate their different weapons, as well as bring extra weapons for participants to use (don't worry, all the weapons are foam!). In compliance with Amtgard's policy, waivers must be signed and turned in on the day of the program and teens younger than the age of 14 must have a parent present during participation. Waivers will be available at the front desk or they may be filled out the day of the program. Click Here To Register!

Superhero Swag 6/18/2015

Break out the Modge Podge and old comic book pages and get ready for a super fashion statement! Bring in your own items (shoes, bracelets, coasters, flower pots, etc.) or use our materials to create comic book accessories or decorations! Click Here To Register!

Epic Showdown: Heroes Versus Villains 6/25/2015

Teens will be broken up into two groups (Villains and Heroes) and will compete in a series of mini-games to determine the victor! Click Here To Register!


Blacklight Party 7/9/2015

The lights are going out and the black lights are coming on! Wear your bright clothes and have some fun playing games, painting, and enjoying glowing snacks! Click Here To Register!

Cosplay Creations 7/16/2015

Cosplay (or costume play) is the practice of dressing up as a character from a book, movie, video game etc. We will have guest speakers from the Cosplay Guild who will talk about their techniques, show off some of their creations, and will answer your questions about Cosplay. Click Here To Register!

Breakfast of Champions 7/23/15

Wear your pajamas and enjoy some cereal as you watch cartoons at the library! Just like Saturday morning, but on a Thursday afternoon! Click Here To Register!

Super Final: Christian County Library Comic Con 7/30/15

Join us for the Christian County Library Comic Con! There will be a variety of things to do like a Super Smash Bros tournament, games, snacks, and more! Feel free to dress up as your favorite fictional characters and geek out as much as you would like! Click Here To Register!

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